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I paid where is my list

I paid, where do I find my list, can I get last months list?


  • Hello!

    To access the Pre-Foreclosure List, log into your account and navigate to your Pre-Foreclosure List subscriptions. (Products > Our Products > Pre-Foreclosure List).

    This 1-minute video shows the process step-by-step:

    This 5-minute video shows how to read our lists in order to understand the data:

    You have 24/7 access the moment you subscribe to a new list, and can download that list until the Auction date. After Auction, the data is cleared so that we can upload Early Data for the next Auction. If you would like archived data, the fee to pull archived data is 3x the regular monthly rate. You can order archived data by sending an email to with the List, County and Month(s) requested.
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